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Betway is a first-class bookmaker that has been often chosen by customers as one of the easiest to be used sport betting website. This straightforward platform will take you the place you want to be as fast as possible. It has been optimized for mobile devices and can be used through any type of a smartphone or tablet.

When you start using Betway via your computer or mobile device, you will quickly figure it out how many things you can actually enjoy in this betting platform. As a bookie and a gambling operator of a highest quality, the betting house has offers that are always hot and up to date with the newest betting functions and alternatives. We will try to present them all in this short, but detailed and helpful review.

Interesting facts about Betway

A couple of millions of people have been using Betway web platforms to place bets on a daily basis and the main activity cores are based in Europe and Africa. This is one of the few international gambling companies that perform massive expansion on the African market. A big number of African betting lovers, though, have been still limited to a choice of several local bookies that are a bit left behind by the competition in a technology way. However, all of these punters from Africa can take the benefits of gambling with the international bookies, which, meanwhile, operate on the biggest markets in the world.

In 2006 this bookmaker’s story began. At first, the betting company started its activity with the intention to work on the European market only and was very long time after its establishment when it has decided to make a breakthrough in Africa, as well.

It’s a curious fact that Betway has sponsorship contracts signed with three popular Spanish teams – Levante, Leganes and Aleves – as well as with the English West Ham and the Italy-based Roma. On the other side, the betting house has also dozens of sponsorship contracts signed with teams from different African countries.

Betway app download and mobile versions

As we have mentioned it in the beginning of this review, Betway’s website transforms into an adjusted mobile website version when being opened via a smartphone or a tablet. This adjusted version has almost no limits if comparing it to the desktop version for sport betting and the best part is that no customer will remain with any chance to place bets as it works totally smoothly and properly on all types of smartphones and tablets.

The second option for mobile betting is the company’s application. Though, here we find a couple of missing elements – Betway App is not compatible to Symbian or to Windows Phone, but only with Android and iOS. It’s possible for the devices with some truly old versions of these two operating systems to be overwhelmed when running the software and sometimes they are not even compatible to it. While most of the Android devices are compatible to the app, the Apple devices with iOS 11 or newer version are the only devices that can run the app.

If the age of your smartphone is not a handicap for you, there’s nothing else that should prevent you from getting Betway App as it can be installed very easily through the browser platform and it’s fully free of charge for the punters even if you haven’t registered in the betting company’s data base yet.

Besides the apps for betting, it’s often to use – and with a big pleasure – this European bookie’s apps for stats and live scores. They cover thousands of sport events and contests per month.

Different types of gambling games in Betway

Sport betting

You will see what you can place bets on and what you can’t quickly and in a very convenient way when using the intuitive Betway’s sport betting menu. Some of you, though, might guess that some of the bets, which are offered in other bookies, like 1xBet, for instance, are not available here. Well, you will be right, as a matter of fact. Indeed, there are sport betting website with more possibilities for a bet, but those possibilities for a bet that are not available in Betway are always those offers that might not be interesting for the audience at all. The betting company is making everything possible to support its service in a simple and easy to be used way. For this purpose Betway is trying not to flood its pages with useless sport events or with some bets that seem to be anything else, but not so attractive at all.

On the other side, though, in Betway you are never going to be deprived of the chance to place a bet on any European football championship, no matter which one you think off right now, or on a serious tennis tournament from the Challenger series, as well as all the other bigger tennis tournaments. The betting company offers bets on literally any sport event that is popular in the world and that is from any of these sport spheres: basketball, ice hockey, fighting sports like boxing or MMA, rugby, golf, volleyball, futsal, Formula 1, NASCAR, snooker, handball, baseball and different winter sport disciplines like biathlon, curling and ski Alpine disciplines.

Betway’s customers bet on odds, which might not be good enough for the professional and experienced punters, but the general gambling lovers and amateurs can be definitely pleased with them, especially if they haven’t gambled in any big international betting houses till now. For some certain markets, the odds, though, can reach the highest odds for the industry. In most cases, these are the odds with the highest possibilities in a certain market. However, when you place bets for the outsider, usually, you will do it on a very lower odd than you can find for the same market, but in any of Betway’s competitors.

In order to make the high odds for the favourites clearer, we have decided to give you an example. Let’s take for an example the odd for Atletico Madrid to win in its next event. If compare this odd with the odd for the same market, but provided by the top number 1 bookie in the whole world, we see the following result: Betway gives you 1.29, while the top bookie offers you 1.25. However, note that 1xBet provides even a higher odd in this case – 1.34 and this odd is the highest on the entire market for this specific bet.

This betting operator has a detailed Outrights section within its sport betting section. In the Outrights section you can place bets a couple of months ahead on different things that are related to the final position in a league and we don’t mean only the champions in these leagues, but many other interesting markets – if taking the English Premium football league as an example, you will see 15 different bet types regarding the final position in the league, including for the goal scorers per different team. At the expense of the good offers for long-term bets, the betting house, though, has no specific special bets and many punters find them entertaining and diversifying in a daily betting activity rhythm we all fall into.

If taking a look outside of the Sports section, there are other types of bets you might find interesting if you are a real sport lover. Here are some of them:

  • Live betting where you are, though, not offered with live streaming of the events. This is a service you will find in many premium bookmakers, but here, in Betway you are compensated with detailed stats. Speaking of which, the live statistics is so detailed that you are no longer obligated to watch the game in order to get an idea what’s going on the field.
  • Bets on a line of jackpot games that include both: the traditional Tote games with 1X2 markets for football events and jackpot games with predictions of the correct score and Under / Over 2.50 scores (once again football). Meanwhile, there’s even a game where you are supposed to predict the winner and the winning difference in 5 NBA matches.
  • Predictor game that involve events from the NBA playoffs (it’s a free of charge to participate game)
  • A game where you should predict the first team with a score within all the matches from the English leagues appointed for Saturday (this is a free of charge to participate game, too)
  • Bets on virtual sports (they use the same principle as the principle we find in the traditional sport betting, but here virtual sport events are involved)

Casino games

Definitely, this big European gambling operator’s casino section has been advancing in a slower way, but we would say that it might be a slow, but still very satisfying advance, because new games are added on a rare basis and currently at this moment, we find up to 50 products only. However, we should note that all of the games are developed by reputable companies like Microgaming.

From many of the games you can expect different special events, as well as symbols or chances for a free spin. They are special gifts to the customers made by the company.

Betway Casino includes both: common online slot games such as Age of discovery and Mega money multiplier and video slot games like Adventure Palace HD. There is also a limited number of table and video poker games, but their software is not that high quality at all.

There are, though, no live casino games in this bookie’s Casino section, but at the expense of this, there are such games in other section integrated in the platform. It’s the section called Betgames, but the live casino games are also Baccarat and video poker. In addition to them, in this same section you will find various lucky fortune games – wheel and dices. Although a few, these live casino games provide you the 24/7 for a real dealer experience and it’s definitely worth it and exciting.

Betway First deposit bonus

Betway first deposit bonus is offered to each new customer registered on the platform. This form of a gift is a type of a free bet and its amount depends on the new customer’s initial deposit amount.

Though, note that within the time the betting company will give you more gifts. For instance, there’s a small free bet as a gift offered to you every time you recommend the bookmaker to a friend of yours.

In general, these are the two betting house’s promotions provided to the punters on a regular basis, but meanwhile, in the page called Promos you will find some other special offers, which are given in a certain period of time. It’s very often for the betting company to release promotions with prizes like trips to big sport events, including football matches in Europe. Moreover – the different games with prizes are also common pieces of this betting operator’s practice.

Account management

Betway registration

This betting operator doesn’t waste its customer’s time and instead, offers simple registration methods. From the time of entering the website till the moment you can place your first bet it will take not more than 5 minutes. And within these 5 minutes you can make both: a registration and a deposit.

You should fill in the following information in order to make a registration in Betway:

  • Telephone number
  • Password
  • E-mail address

Betway deposit

In each market this betting company operates on, Betway tries to offer those payment methods that are as convenient as possible to a maximum number of the local citizens. It’s very rare, though, to find some specific alternatives. Still, if you succeed in finding them, you can make a quick free of charge transaction to fund your bookie’s account.

Placing a bet in Betway

The intuitive interface is the top motto Betway follows when it comes to the platform conditions regarding placing a bet. The gambling operator offers a very easy to be used Betslip, which provides very clear and correct information about the selections you have marked, as well as their odds. When you enter the bet amount you will also receive information about your eventual potential profit. View this significant information and press Bet Now to confirm your placed bet.

If you wish to, you can also brag about your predictions and share them with your friends via the function called Book a Bet. This feature allows you to share your bet in Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or even to send it in SMS message or e-mail to a certain person. The function can be also used when the bet isn’t confirmed yet. In other words, it’s when you still haven’t pressed on the button Bet Now. That’s actually how you can ask for a piece of advice from a friend whether this bet is worth it.

You will be thrilled to find out that once you place a single or multiple bet in Betway at any time you have the right to close it and get your profit calculated for this certain moment. This is the function called Betway Cash Put and it’s this betting operator’s next amazing advanced instrument that helps all punters.