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Lotto Zambia is the first Zambian lottery, where you can place bets via internet. In our country there are many other big lotteries like Zambian Lotto or Zambian Millions, where betting process has been simplified with the SMS betting function, but it is only this young company for lottery games, where you can participate in the drawing sessions the same way as you do it when being a member of any internet bookie – through a registration and then, by making a deposit in your playing account, which is used to pay your bet slips and receive your profits. To find out more interesting details about Lotto Zambia, continue reading…

How to participate in Lotto Zambia?

Placing a bet in Lotto Zambia is very easy, but first of all, you should create an account and then, to fund it.

To register you should click on the button placed in menu of the top right side. The registration, itself, requires from you only to type your telephone number and to choose a password to login.

The next step is to make a deposit and if you are based in Zambia, you can do so only via MTN (by the way, the lottery company works with Ugandan citizens, too, and they are offered with specially tailored payment methods).

And now, when you have a registration and you have made your initial deposit, what is left for you is to make an actual bet.

For this purpose, visit the page called Play, where you will see three windows that are composed of small squares with all numbers from 1 to 36. You can fill in one or more of these three windows according to whether you want to participate in the lottery with one, or with several bet slips. Start pressing in a chronological order on your favourite numbers till they become 6 in total (in this lottery you don’t have the right to add extra numbers even if you are ready to pay for such an option). At the end, press on Buy Ticket.

The game – terms and conditions, ticket price, pyramid of the prizes and period of drawing sessions

The game is with traditional terms and conditions that most lotteries with number drawing have. Here, in Lotto Zambia game 6 numbers are drawn per session. Pyramid of prizes is composed and it starts with bet slips where 3 of the drawn numbers are the same as 3 from your ticket. The biggest part of the total prize fund, though – more than 80% of the fund – is gathered and accumulated in the jackpot, which is expected to be won by the person with the ticket where all the 6 numbers are the numbers from the drawing session.

The least “compensatory” prizes start from K 30 and are for 3 concurrences. Then, we have K 30 for 4 concurrences and finally we find prizes of up to more than K 1 500 for 5 concurrences.

The jackpot is given when 6 of the drawn numbers are in the ticket. The jackpot amount is minimum K 120 000. It increases progressively till someone wins it and has an absolute potential to pass the boarder of 1 000 000 kwacha.

All of these prizes can be won with one single ticket only, which comes with a prize of K 5.

At some point, we are unhappy for the fact that there’s only one drawing session per week. It is appointed for Saturday – 9 pm – due to which we are supposed to wait for a whole week till the next drawing, respectively the next chance to become rich. Meanwhile, the other two main lotteries in Zambia arrange 3, respectively 7 drawing sessions per week.

Lotto Zambia App download and mobile version

As the only lottery in Zambia with an option for online betting, it is not a surprise, that Lotto Zambia is the most advanced platform when it comes to mobile playing.

This lottery does not just offer one complete and beautiful mobile website version, but has also 2 mobile apps – Android app and Apple app.

This is the only online gambling company in Zambia that generally offers an Apple app, by the way.

In difference to the Android apps provided by the betting houses, Lotto Zambia Application can be found in Google play official market store. If you have an Apple device, you can get the lottery app for iOS in Apple’s official app store, too.