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Zambian Lotto is probably one of the biggest lottery providers in Zambia. It’s available from nearly 500 different locations from all around the country, as well as through mobile phones that are supported by MTN telecommunication operator. Currently, it has been more than 10 years since the company makes Zambian punters millionaires thanks to its jackpot, which is generally among the highest ones in the country. If you are a sport betting fan, you can take a look at the reviews for the top bookmakers we present in our website Betdirection. Some of them, by the way, offer lotteries, too. But if you are interested only in lotteries, take a look at this article to know how to participate in the best lottery of our country.

How to participate in Zambian Lotto?

Although there are many shops in Zambia from where you can fill in a betslip to join this national lottery (this is thanks to the fact that every citizen can actually become a ticket reseller), still the easiest way to join Zambian Lotto if a you are a modern user, is to send SMS message. This option, though, works only if you are a client of MTN telecommunication operator. If you are not or you cannot find a friend who uses MTN, you will have to find the nearest Zambian Lotto physical shop to fill in a betslip by hand. If you are, though, able to take the benefits of the SMS service, proceed with any of these actions:

  • 1. Make sure your Mobile Money account linked to MTN is not on zero (K 5 is the minimum amount of balance you should have in your account)
  • 2. Dial *303#
  • 3. Select Zambian Lotto from the menu with the lotteries you will see
  • 4. Confirm you are a of an age that is allowed by the law to participate in lottery games
  • 5. Select 6 numbers that usually are your lucky numbers (1-42) and leave some space between each of them
  • 6. Fill in the numbers and then, make the payment
  • 7. Wait until your receive SMS message that validates your betslip. It is actually the evidence for your participation in the game in case of a win

The game – terms and conditions, ticket price, pyramid of the prizes and period of drawing sessions

You get the chance to imagine yourself being a millionaire winner in Zambian Lotto once you pay the minimum amount for participation in the game – 5 kwacha only. But, as a matter of fact, why imagining only? There is a big chance for you to win anyway. Everyone has such a chance. You will find out if you are a winner from the next drawing session. The bet slip refers only to one single drawing session (in the SMS message with the validation of your bet you will see the exact drawing session you participate in). There are drawing sessions in Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The drawing session and the results from it can be followed both: online in Zambian Lotto website and in the lottery company’s mobile version, plus – in real time on ZNBC TV.

The lowest level in the pyramid of the prizes in this game, which is by the way, with 6 from 42 possible + bonus ball format, is the predetermined for bet slips where at least 3 numbers are correctly predicted. These bet slips get 30 kwacha as a reward. If you, though, predict one more number more, you will get the prize of 250 kwacha. Meanwhile, the things get more serious, respectively profitable, when you reach the level of 5 or more correctly predicted numbers. If you guess 5 numbers you get 5 000 kwacha and if in addition to them, you predict the bonus ball, the prize reaches up to between 100 and 200 thousand of kwacha. The big prize is given to those who correctly predict 6 numbers. At the moment we are writing this review, the prize is 3 million of kwacha, but note that when you read the material, the jackpot might exceed it more than three times.

Zambian Lotto App download and mobile version

It’s a very weird and frustrating fact that the biggest lottery in our country does not offer any apps. Meanwhile, it has no mobile version, either. One way or another, though, lottery betting through internet nowadays is not possible, so probably the availability of such platforms is not as significant as it is if it was a bookmaker, for instance.

Last, but not least, we should make one very essential mark – the lack of a mobile version does not mean that the website does not work via a mobile device. On the contrary, it does, but it’s just the website is not adjusted to smaller screens. You can still enter it and even check out the numbers and the results from each drawing session.