Zambia Millions Mobile Lottery – Results and Winners

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Zambia Millions is one of the three biggest lottery companies in Zambia. This lottery game is available through a SMS message you need to send if you are a customer of any of these providers: MTN, Zamtel or Airtel. The special thing about this lottery is that the first ticket is free of charge – in other words, you can try your luck right away and without paying a cent, but only hoping you can win the maximum prize at an amount of more than 1.5 million of kwacha. We are about to explain you know how this can be possible by giving you lots of details about the lottery game.

How to participate in Zambia Millions?

If you are a customer of any of the three previously mentioned telecommunication operators, you just need to send SMS message with text: WIN at this short phone number: 4400.

The specific thing about this game is that you are not that who chooses the numbers to participate with. The numbers are actually automatically generated by Zambia Millions Company’s software.

Please, have in mind that once you are sent SMS message the new numbers will be generated for you during the next day. This is why every new set of numbers from a new message are sent on a daily basis and at a new amount you should pay – K 1.

If you, on the other side, wish to stop participating in the daily drawing sessions, you need to send SMS with text STOP on the same short phone number.

To increase your chances for a win, respectively to participate in the lottery with your own set of personally selected numbers, please, send SMS with 6 numbers from 1 to 49 at short phone number: 4400. This is how you are going to get one more ticket for the lottery, which costs 1 kwacha, too. You can actually repeat this procedure to get a new ticket as many times as you want.

The game – terms and conditions, ticket price, pyramid of the prizes and period of the drawing sessions

The good news for all lottery lovers, who use Zamtel or Airtel, is that the SMS message for registration is 100% free of charge. Thanks to this you will participate in the drawing of the day without paying anything. However, on the next day after the registration the daily drawing session is going to be charged – 1 kwacha per day. This great offer, unfortunately, is not available for MTN users, who will be charged from the very first day they start using the platform.

It’s now clear that the game works with 6 numbers – from 1 to 49. The drawing is appointed for every evening – 8 pm – and the categories of the prizes are the following:

  • 4th category – 3 correctly predicted numbers with a prize of К 1,50
  • 3rd category – 4 correctly predicted numbers with a prize of К 10
  • 2nd category – 5 correctly predicted numbers with a prize that depends on the accumulated jackpot
  • 1st category – 6 correctly predicted numbers with a prize that depends on the accumulated jackpot

Currently, we are writing this review the maximum jackpot amount is 1.50 million of kwacha, but the truth is that there was a time the jackpot exceeded this amount.

Zambia Millions app download and mobile versions

Although Zambia Millions has no application, its mobile version offers everything you need as information about the game – it’s where you will find even more details than those we have provided you in this article.

The website tells you in details how to join the game and what the prizes are, as well as what payment methods you can use (the prizes from the 4th and the 3rd categories might be transferred only through the online payment systems or the telecommunication operators, while those from the 2nd and the 1st categories offer prizes to be paid in cash). In addition to these, only few minutes after each drawing session you can check out the results, while the archive and the stats keep records of the numbers from the drawing sessions made a couple of years ago.

There’s one thing Zambia Millions mobile browser version does not allow – to place direct online bets. As you can already figure it out from the section where we tell you how to join the lottery, the tickets are generated only via SMS messages – in other words you cannot either fill in a regular paper bet, or place one through internet.